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Underwater Photography Seattle Doesn’t Have To Be Hard- Read About These Courses

underwater photography seattle

Underwater photography is among the most common specialties for diving, and it has been made simpler and more exciting than ever by the growth of digital underwater photography. The PADI Underwater Sports course enables you to easily use the most advanced digital technology, whether you are using a point/shoot snap camera or an advanced D-SLR, such as a pro.

The PADI Underwater Videographer Course

There is only one way to show someone the sounds, movement, and dynamics of the underwater world other than to take anyone to dive: film. Use your editing ability to share your videos on Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, etc., with the world. Make more of your mates into dive buddies using your underwater footage. Becoming a filmmaker was never so fun and simple, with the proliferation of video and desktop edition programmed! This class will present you with the methods needed for the planning, shooting, and editing of a short film. You are taught the essentials and make video enjoyable and simple for you by an underwater sports camera coach. The creation of films is a joint operation. You will be taught how to make use of your mates!

Encourage them to join you as there are far more places to be a filmmaker than just to run the camera. You will have the opportunity to capture our local diversion environment and shoot like a pro on your next adventure by teaching you basic video underwater and introducing you to the video force.

This 2-day course will cover:

A close up of blue water

Basic equipment to develop your programmed

Creating the background crew positions

Cinematographic Mechanics

Sequence, shoot, and edit

Descriptions of the shot

Desktop Editing Systems and Editorial Process

Your target audience finishes merchandise.

U/W Photography/Video Techniques:

Pelagic massacres and other wide-angle tricks

Discover, using a mix of natural and light, how to catch whale sharks, mantas, and large reef scenes. You learn techniques for capturing vibrant scenes, whether you capture photographic or film. You’ll learn where and when you’re going to leave the strobes! Whether it’s Stingray City in Grand Cayman, Raja Empathy in Indonesia, or the Edmonds Underwater Park, this course is a great start.

Shooting People Underwater and on Land

As makers of underwater images, we like to shoot marine life, but we also want to share it with others. Learn these tips and tricks on how you can obtain fantastic photographs and videos of your dive friend and other divers. This presentation will cover tricks for GREAT underwater and on land to make each model look. Learn how to shoot children, engage with marine life, and how to make them look happy underwater!

The advanced technology of lighting and editing Session of 3 Hours

Your guide to underwater video development, the Camera Coach Annie Crawley, the producer, has created a workshop to show you how to illuminate unbelievable videos. The basic focus of this workshop is on the picture and video lighting. Annie is also focusing on editing strategies so that with your video, you can make a better story. You can take hours to film footage, but it is important to learn how to work and edit a story together. Hours of raw video will be left, and this is ideal for beginners or the more seasoned shooter.

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