Nature Photography Skills -

Nature Photography Skills

Photography Niches Worth Considering

Nature photography is just not about shooting natural objects. It is also about maintaining the aestheticism of the environment you are shooting in. Nature photography needs tips to help you improve the subtle art which includes flora and fauna mainly. It can be pretty challenging at times. This may be because of mobile objects in nature which one needs to focus on. Also, there are many rules when it comes to nature photography skills.

Tips to Help You Improve Your Nature Photography Skills

Nature Photography And Using Accurate Lenses

During this genre of shooting, the photographer needs to focus on the best suitable lenses that can be used. Wide aperture lenses are best for this environment. For example f/1.4, f/1.6 and f/2.0 are best possible aperture lenses for nature photography. Also, keeping natural light in mind, the photographer requires a set of filters such as ND filters, polarizers, flash absorbers etc. This is needed to prevent loss of light during the shot or prevention of the picture from getting over-exposed. ND filters are available at any camera retail store and are very handy during outdoor photography. Just adjust the screen according to the light required for the shot. Wide lenses are mostly preferred in nature photography. A 16-50mm or 18-55mm kit lens is a good deal for this field. These lenses mostly come in combination with the camera body during purchase. 

Tips to Help You Improve Your Nature Photography Skills

Maintaining the Time Of The Shot

The tips to help you improve the timing of the shot is very efficient during this. For this, the photography needs to use accurate shutter speeds and aperture. A balanced triangle of the ISO, aperture and shutter speed can give you an ideal shot (or, as we can call it: “a good shot”). Nature photography includes plants, flowers, animals and birds. The toughest challenge in nature photography is bird clicks. Bird photos need to be clicked through accurate shutter speed and proper usage of the ND filter during daylight. Remember that an ND filter can protect your lens from over-exposure to light, damaging the internal sensors in the camera. Cameras should be assorted well in order to click good pictures. In nature photography, light is a very important aspect. Therefore, the photographer needs to attend to that well. 

Rule of Thirds And Other Useful Tips:

For a perfect nature shot, a photographer tends to follow the rule of thirds which is a detailed concept in photography. For close shots of objects, clickers can opt for macro lens which gives a creamy background keeping the object in sharp focus. The clicker needs to maintain a safe distance from the object if it is dangerous or harmful.

Carrying Your Camera Kit

Remember to keep your baggage light when packing for a photography session. Take along basic toiletries and medicines for the trip. Often, photography can hurt local sentiments and therefore you need to take prior permissions from local authorities to click pictures. A press card from a reputed media firm is very useful in these conditions. 

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