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Ten Years of Photo Fest At Florida

Ten Years of Photo Fest

Ten years of photo fest at Florida was unsurprisingly eventful. Florida’s birding and photo fest gracefully celebrated its decade of existence. The photo fest is held every year, in St. Augustine, Florida. The time is usually at the end of April. Its popularity has grown over the years. 

Why Florida For The Photo Fest

Ten Years of Photo Fest

The fest is a wonderful platform for photographers to meet each other and celebrate each other’s work as well as learn a few things. They also get to take classes from the professionals and learn from the best of people while enjoying Florida’s scenic beauty. The location, the surrounding nature and the scope of photography truly make Florida the best host for a photo fest. 

This year, the photo fest had some new locations pulled in as well as workshops. The audience favorite being the field workshop in Jacksonville Zoo and the sunrise shoot with horses on the beach, a classic. While people did miss the famous alligator workshops, a variety of shows took over and added in the dynamism they were looking for. 

The Professionals At The Photo Fest 

Ten Years of Photo Fest

Several selected guests showed up to share their thoughts and experience with the people. People like NSN regulars, Greg Downing, Maxis Gamez, Chas Glatzer, Tim Grey, and Mike Moats were all present to contribute to the best of their ability. There were plenty of additional soaks and workshop leaders that set about the right standards for the fest. 

Exhibitors In The Photo Fest 

The entire exhibition was a work of art in itself where art pieces combined to form one big masterpiece. NatureScapes.et had the most massive booth in the registration place. Canon, Sigma and Tampon were all on their feet with the demos and lens loans. Some of the speakers even got to test the Canon 1DX for the day. 

While many people show up for these fests, some newbies try this experience for the first time. While there are some friend circles created for the day, given the line of passion, most of them stay in touch and build a robust creative network. 

How Did The Fest Go On For Ten Years?

While some find this as a mere visional experience, some others find a spiritual connection with art and expression. The festival that allows minds to come together and view the same thing with multiple perspectives is an attempt to bring wings to the creativity of photographers. The workshops only attempt to show techniques and skills that are known to the experts, but it is essentially just a platform for people to get behind their viewfinders and explore the world infant of them. 

The remarkable thing about this is that there is no same perspective, although everybody is in the same place. The angles, the use of light, the focus, are all so very unique. The photographers unite to speak different narratives of the same story while never trying to disrupt the reality of the things. The photo fest aims to encourage photography and appreciate it. It allows people to come together and see the impact of their work. Ten years of this proves that art has no boundaries or ends. It flows regardless of barriers and is timeless.  

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