Taking Beautiful Underwater Fish Photography Photos

beautiful underwater fish photography

Underwater fish photography is not difficult to achieve but you have to know the techniques of a pro in order to have it done right. This type of photography requires skill, technique, and talent. However, if you can master the techniques then you are sure to capture beautiful underwater fish photos. Here’s how you can make that happen.

The very first thing you need to do is to observe the surroundings carefully. The color, amount of light and the amount of darkness present all depend on the fish you are photographing. You also need to observe the time of day. There are two phases to every fish day – active and sleeping. When photographing beautiful underwater fish photos, it is important that you pay close attention to these phases. The active phase lasts from dusk to dawn, while the sleeping phase lasts till about two hours after daybreak.

Now, let’s get down to business. After obtaining the best position for the fish, you should be quiet and get as still as you possibly can. If there are multiple fish in the shot, move around and zoom in and out of the water a few times to get rid of all the background noise.

Beautiful Underwater Fish Photography

A group of jellyfish

Once you have everything set, get ready to shoot. Use your remote camera and set the timer to the required time limit. Now you can start zooming and panning in and out of the water. Keep the focus fixed on one fish at a time. Do not zoom too far in and get your camera shake. Underwater fish photography requires a good eye in order to capture beautiful shots.

Once you are done with one fish, move on to the next one. Do keep in mind not to zoom in on the tails. Fish are not good subjects because they tend to jump. Keep on trying until you are done with all the fish.

If you are using a good digital camera, you will be able to preview the photos you take. You can make corrections or enhance the photos later on. In the beginning, use your photos sparingly, but over time you will be able to do more. Remember that this is not about showing off or selling yourself. It is merely using your skills to capture beautiful images of fish underwater.

The combination of skill, luck, and patience is essential for successful underwater fish photography. Do not expect to get perfect photos right away. You need to do the practice. You can do this by taking notes on where you want the fish to be and then carefully observing them. Once you have got good results, take some more photos in different settings and see how you do.

A Much Ado

Finally, do not be disappointed if you cannot take the photos immediately. It is important to give it enough time. There may be a few moments in which the fish are not interested in the bait that you are using. But they will show up later when they are hungry. With patience and practice, you too can be a professional underwater photographer.

When you are not fishing, you can still do your share of underwater fish photography. Why not take pictures of some of the exotic species that live in your own local pond? They may turn out to be beautiful additions to your portfolio. You can also document the habits and characteristics of the fish. This can really be valuable information for future reference.

Some people may say that photographing beautiful fish underwater requires lots of money. But you do not need an expensive camera to be able to take beautiful photos. All you need is the best equipment that is already built into your digital camera.

There is no doubt that underwater fish photography can be a very interesting and satisfying hobby. However, you need to keep in mind that it can also become a lucrative business opportunity especially if you are a professional. You can sell the photos and even teach others how to take beautiful and amazing pictures of fish. Your fees may not be as high as those of a professional, but you can surely earn a lot of money.

Final Words

So, what are you waiting for? Get your digital camera ready and go find some fish. Do not worry too much about the lighting since most digital cameras have sufficient illumination and you can use natural light from the sea. Just be careful not to make the photos too dull or dark because this will not make them very beautiful. And above all, just have fun with it. It is definitely a beautiful experience to be able to photograph fish underwater.

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