Photography Tips For The Beginners

Still Life Photography Tips For The Beginners

Are you in the quest of inspiration for still life photography? It seems that you have tried almost everything and there is absolutely nothing left for you to discover with still objects? Or, are you just a beginner who is feeling lost in the ocean of choices and opportunities? Do not worry, there is no sure-shot recipe to being inspired.

However, it is true that each and every photographer of still photography has some go-to ideas and tricks for kick-starting the procedure. Ideas that are versatile and simple, do not require any complex props or rare gear. Here are some ideas that can change your next experiment in this field:

Still Life Photography Tips For The Beginners

Think Outside The Box

What you photograph is entirely up to you. Try researching your home and surroundings to see if you can discover something attractive and simple to start with. There is no need for you to feel the compulsion of capturing the images of fruits and flowers online. Every other photographer seems to do that nowadays. Hence, try thinking outside the box, but don’t be too pushy. Avoid reflective surfaces such as glasses and metal. The reason is that, as a beginner, it might get difficult for you to work with them as far as lighting is concerned. If there is one thing that catches your attention, take it along with you and include it in your photography.

Go Slow

Unlike common perceptions, there is no need for you to arrange for fancy locations or studios for making a good start. You can simply begin by making use of space within your house. This can be a table placed close to the window with some lamps in the backdrop. There are very few variables in still photography. You get complete control of the situation along with the subject of your photography. Furthermore, it is necessary for you to be extremely creative for capturing images in an engaging and interesting manner.

Arrange Proper Lighting

Lighting is something that you cannot do without when it comes to taking still images filled with life. You do not require anything fancy. Even simply natural light coming from the window will be enough for doing the right trick. Makeshift softboxes, light paintings with torch and lamps are good accessories that you can experiment with. You also have the option of using subtle sources of light like candles.

Get Inspiration From The Veteran

If you are finding it difficult to compose or structure your shots or you do not understand the lighting arrangement that you should go for, try looking for inspiration. And what better way than to go through still life masterpieces of the past. Carry out an online search for famous still life photographers and observe their work. Studying their pictures will assist you in thinking about shades, forms, and the way colors work in close coordination.

Still Life Photography Tips For The Beginners

Unlike all the other forms of capturing images, still life photography is really slow and can take a huge amount of time. So, the only thing that you need to do is enjoy the procedure. Indulge in an exciting photographic playtime.

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