Newborn Photography Strategies For A Picture Perfect Shot -

Newborn Photography Strategies For A Picture Perfect Shot

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Nowadays, newborn photography is the newest trend, which allows us to capture stories, moments, emotional connections between a newborn baby and the family members within their home. But it becomes challenging when it comes to perfect lighting setup within indoors and personal spaces, which might not be ideal. So, if you are a beginner then, today we’ve got some cool and amazing photography tips for you.

Stories Or Themes:

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· Plan some stories or themes.

· Choose bright colors, bold patterns.

· Fun props, styles.

· Dress up the babies in a creative & adorable.

Home Studio: 

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Set up a home studio for a baby. Bring in lots of pillows, cushions, blankets, props and set them up against a window. Babies will be looking more lively and comfortable in an environment that they are familiar with.

 Baby portraits: Highlight the baby, try out different soft tone backgrounds, and highlight their eyes. Talk to the baby, make good eye contact as much as you can, make funny sounds and get the baby to look right at the camera.

 Capture in macro mode- many babies’ photographs look best in macro mode, where their little feet, hands, faces focusing on their eyes and lashes.

 Natural Light, No Flash: The main thing that we will be looking for in a room with a lot of natural light from big windows is avoiding using flashlights on the little ones as their eyes are so sensitive. Go for an Outdoor photo session; make sure you bring enough supplies in case of messes. 

Use Of Props:

 Use props like Toys, baby blankets, flowers, flower crowns, oversized clothes, and other creative stuff to keep it simple and not distract the focus from the baby. 

Shoot Continuously: 

Continuous shooting mode to get Candid pictures; there’s no ‘right’ moment. Make the moments playful, rolling around, gurgling or laughing at their parents, emotional, and gesture of the baby.

 Involvement: Involve the parents, siblings and try to capture beautiful candid moments. 


 It is helpful if you feed your baby before your photo session to be ready to sleep. Hungry babies wake up often and cry.

If you are comfortable during Feeding times, also allow capturing intimate nursing moments between mommy and baby. 


 Use Photoshop or Lightroom to edit their best photos. These tools help in brightening colors in photos, making them black and white, cropping, etc. These applications are very easy to use but do not over-edit the photos, leave them pure and useless filters for good effect.

 Temperature/ Weather- Naked babies get cold quickly, most important is keeping the baby warm.  


Last but not least, A good photo with the baby is all about framing it well with the family members, trying out various tricks, and creating wonderful memories while you click your newborn. Keep in mind that be patient, keep extra diapers, blankets, trash bags, and wipes nearby for quick cleanups. I hope these tips will be helpful for you. I wish you Good Luck!

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