New Born Photography Tips

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Are you looking for newborn photography tips? This article is not just for girls. Remember that boys are also cute and handsome, but they are not the same in every way. This means that it’s necessary to have proper newborn photography props to be able to capture their beauty. The following are just some of the most common props that photographers use.

You can use a small chair or a baby carriage. When sitting, make sure that you have at least two pillows to support him/her. These pillows can later be used during the photo shoot. A music box can also be used to put some music on to help block out background sounds.

Lighted Picture Frames

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Another good newborn photography tip is to use lighted picture frames. These are perfect to frame the most interesting facial expressions of your baby. You can also use this to complement the colors in the photo, and not to compete with the light.

Babies are very cute and they always want to be photographed. One way to get that is to pose them in an upright position. Many photographers prefer to take newborns in portrait style; with their arms crossed behind their head. If you’re doing portrait style photography, then the photo-taker should be sitting directly behind the baby.

There are many ways to frame babies. One of these is by using diaper pins. Diaper pins can also be used if you have some extra cash.

Good Background Props

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You can use stuffed toys as photo props. Babies love to cuddle with these little toys and they look so cute and innocent in the photos. Stuffed toys can also act as good background props when taking newborn photos. You can find them in almost every department store and toy store.

You can also use balloons in your photo props. They look like real cute props. But, it’s not recommended to have balloons in your photo. The balloons act as background, and not as props. It would be more appropriate to have a real baby in your photo.

Beautiful Newborn Photographs

Remember that your goal is to create a portfolio of beautiful newborn photographs. Newborn photography is not easy. Your newborn may be very cute when in the photo, but you’ll never know how cute he or she can get until you get the chance to hold him or her for yourself. That is why it’s important to have lots of practice and learn from your mistakes. Now that you know how to take newborn photos, try to follow these tips.

It is very important to remember that your newborn photography should be very simple. There are no big complicated props here. You just need to take the time to compose the perfect shot. Think about the props you’d want to use for your photo shoot. How do you want your subject to look?

Baby Blankets, T-Shirts, Hoodies

You can use clothing props for newborn photography. Baby clothes can be great for shots because they can be easily used and it can give the viewer a sense of warmth. Baby blankets, t-shirts, hoodies can be great props in your photo shoots.

When taking newborn photography, make sure that the environment of your shoot is comfortable. You will be using your baby’s crib during your shoot. This means that you have to find a quiet place in your house. It can be a kitchen, your bedroom, or any place that your baby is comfortable.


As with all newborn photography, lighting is very important. Your flash will be very important in capturing your newborn photos. Flash is very essential, so make sure that you are prepared with it. I recommend that you get a strobe or a traditional flash. The flash can really help your photos to stand out.

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