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Cotton Carrier Camera Vest

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A good camera vest is quite centric in photographic experience. While photographers have different levels of involvement with equipment, the most common dilemma is that around a camera vest. Photoshoots are often outdoor, and this means carrying your gear on you. If you’ve experienced having straps around your shoulders, you know exactly how difficult and annoying it is. The thing about any outdoor activity is that if you’re not comfortable, it dramatically restricts your level of involvement with the task itself. 

Impressions of the Cotton Carrier Camera Vest

Why The Camera Vest?

Change of lens and having a minimum of two cameras is so essential in photography that there’s no way one could avoid the camera vest situation. Now, this also restricts one from making use of lens options. Be it wildlife, weddings or even street photography, and most photographers don’t get to take out their wide-angle lens just because of the hassle it involves. 

Camera Vest: Whats A Cotton Carrier?

Impressions of the Cotton Carrier Camera Vest

A solution brought out by a photographer to deal with the strap situation. And Cotton came up with the idea of a cotton carrier to fight the problem, and the product is now available in the market. After around three years of developing solutions for the issue, the company has reached the point they desired. The product essentially allows camerapersons to carry the equipment in a readily ‘locked in’ situation by eliminating the shoulder and neck pain. You can achieve it by merely distributing the weight around the midsection of the person’s body. 

These Cotton carriers are in North America with a few products shipped from offshore. The clips are UTX, and the buckles are made with the Nifco brand. They use Virgin black Lexan. Using such quality materials ensures that the vet is top quality and secure enough for the cameras. 

On-Field With The Cotton Carrier

Trying out a camera vest with a heavy camera and lenses like Canon 1D Mark IV and Canon 400mm f/5.6 lens is quite ideal to know exactly how it works. Taking a run around the block with the vest turned out to give surprising results. It is light, and you can feel that the equipment is secure. Furthermore, with the help of the fastener strap, its handy while skiing, biking and even suitable for backflips. 

The Difference Cotton Carrier And Camera Vest

It comes with a detachable hip mount and a chest mount. The hip mount comes handy for the wide-angle or small lens. It comes with expandable lens bags and then it can be attached according to the needs. The kit comes with interior and exterior storage options. Overall, the camera comes with customizable storage options. 

The camera vest is a step higher than others available in the market. The photographers need a carrier that doesn’t tire them out. The cotton carrier helps the right way. For the camera vests presently available, this one brings in a much-needed change. It allows the camerapersons to step outdoors and make use of all the camera equipment possible.

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