How To Successfully Capture Your Newborn Lifestyle Photography

newborn lifestyle photography

On the other end of the spectrum are what I’m going to label as “non-traditional” newborn lifestyle photography. This is a very popular genre with several wonderful uses. It’s often posed shots on a natural, non-posed background, often with actual props or staged scenes, i.e. baby inside a colorful basket photography. It’s also sometimes accompanied by music, as well.

Boost This Genre

Lifestyle Photography

A good studio setup can really boost this genre. A backdrop with interesting textures or even reflections can create a very unique feel for a shoot. The lighting can be just right, with the light coming from several points of focus. With the use of the right props and simple settings, newborn lifestyle photography can turn into a very fun experience for both photographer and subject.

In the early days of this trend, you’d typically scheduled two sessions per week for a couple of hours each. We are talking about natural light with a bit of studio flare. These sessions often take place in someone’s own home. Many people like to invite friends and family to take place, too. That way, everyone gets involved and the entire experience becomes very familiar and fun over time.

The Ambience Should Be Suitable

Lifestyle Photography

The mood of the studio session can really set the mood of the entire photoshoot. If it’s too clinical, newborn lifestyle photography won’t take place at all. On the contrary, if the room is light and cheerful, the shots will be much more effective and memorable. The mood needs to be properly established from the beginning of the session until the end, and it’s always a good idea to make sure there’s some kind of balance between the two elements.

Determine What Kind Of Mood You Want To Create

The first thing that you need to do when setting up a photo shoot is to determine what kind of mood you want to create for your newborn lifestyle photography session. For instance, you can decide to shoot from a point-of-view that is very relaxed and casual. Alternatively, you can choose to have the whole family gather around for some family photos. Of course, you can also have your professional subjects lie down, face down, or do almost anything else that would be natural for them in their natural environment. It all depends on the atmosphere you’re creating.

One great idea for newborn lifestyle photography is to try posing babies in ways that would normally be reserved for siblings. Think about the many times you’ve seen grandparents or even great-grandparents posing with their own children. Sometimes these pictures are beautifully composed and sometimes not. But the point is, you can’t help but notice the differences.

Last Words

These are just a few things that you should keep in mind when looking to capture newborn lifestyle photography in a studio setting. In most cases, studio shots are easier to manipulate and to achieve certain effects because there are fewer distractions on set. This is great if you already have a child of your own to photograph. You’ll have no problem capturing their adorable little features and their little idiosyncrasies. And you’ll have absolutely no trouble working out the best poses for each individual shot.

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