Photography Era By Era

History Of Photography Era By Era

Change – either for good or for bad, always takes place. Times change, people change and there are limited constants. Almost everything shifts and moves with a steady and slow march of time. Attitudes keep evolving and it is by way of this evolution that fresh concepts take shape and offer themselves to further innovation. This blend of innovation and new ideas drive the change that we witness in the world around us.

Hence, the world of photography is not an exception to this continuous fluidity. Photography has been a revolutionary addition to the growth of human artistic expression. The history of photography dates back to the days of the Renaissance when some great photographers offered stunning images.

History Of Photography Era By Era

The Invention Of The Medium

The camera obscura was the forerunner of the camera. This was a dark room or chamber with a hole, that later changed into a lens. The hole was found in a wall and it was through this hole that photos of things outside the chamber were projected on the opposite wall with the lens. This was a principle that was known to the ancient Greeks and the Chinese more than 2000 years ago. Then, during the 16th century, Giambattista Della Porta, an Italian writer, and scientist described and demonstrated the use of the camera obscura in detail by using a lens. However, scientists continued searching for methods that could help in reproducing images mechanically.

The Very First Permanent Pictures

The history of photography, as we know it in present times, dates back to the 1830s in France. The success of the use of the camera obscura led to several other experiments resulting in the rapid progress of photography. Wet plates, emulsion plates ad daguerreotypes were developed simultaneously during the late 1800s. Later, the photographers started experimenting with varied techniques and chemicals.

Cameras For Every Individual

Most of the people consider photography as a thing for the rich and the professionals. This scenario continued until a company called Kodak came into existence in the year 1880. The foundation stone of the company was laid by George Eastman. He made a flexible roll film without the requirement of changing the solid plates constantly. This further helped him in coming up with a box camera, with the potential of holding a total of 100 film exposures. This camera featured a single small lens without any focus adjustments. Users could take pictures and deliver the camera back to the company for developing and printing the films. So, this was the very first camera affordable enough for an average person to avail of.

The Introduction Of Smart Cameras

During the 1970s and 1980s, smart compact cameras with picture control decision features came into the market. These were point and shoot cameras that calculated aperture, shutter speed, and focus. Thus, they gave photographers the freedom of concentrating on composition.

History Of Photography Era By Era

The Digital Era

The 1980s and the 1990s witnessed the introduction of cameras that could store images electronically. These cameras made use of digital media in place of films.

So, knowing the history of photography is really fascinating, as this shows us the change and innovation.

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