Girl Underwater Photography – What You Must Know About It

girl underwater photography

Girl Underwater Photography is a great topic for a Halloween or Christmas photo shoot. I like to keep it simple and use props that are not usually used on shoots. This gives the photographer a chance to get a feel of the environment, and of course have fun with the girls. For example, this year I have my four little daughters with me and we took some underwater photos while at the beach. Below I have a few tips on how to capture a perfect underwater picture.

An Overview

A person swimming in the water

For this particular photo, I didn’t want the girls in the picture to be wearing any sort of costume. I simply wanted them to look as natural as possible. I would rather have had my girls come in wearing nothing but a bikini. I love the idea of girl underwater pictures but don’t want the girls to look like their in fish tank form. I learned by shooting a couple of photos without the girls in the water and trying them later.

The trick was to not have the girl look directly into the camera. I wanted her to move slightly away from the lens. Try not to position the camera too close either. Remember, this is all about the talent of the girls and your lens should not make any difference.

Girl’s Underwater Photography Facts

When you have the girl in front of the lens, it is time to introduce the lighting. You can’t just place the camera anywhere and forget it, this will just cause confusion. Instead, place the light on one wall or on one area. I prefer the middle of the room, because I can control the angle and direction of the light. Lighting is essential for successful shots.

Next up, get the subjects face lit. If the subject is illuminated, then you have more freedom when it comes to the shot. Make sure the light bounces off of the ceiling, and not directly onto the subjects face. A little bit of bounce light is perfect. You do not want the light to shine on the subjects eyes.

Now that the lights are set, you are ready to get the subjects face lit. With most digital cameras these days, you only need to turn the camera on halfway and point the camera at the girl’s nose. Once you’ve got her face lit, you can proceed to take a shot. Keep in mind that the lighting should be done exactly like it would be if you were shooting in daylight.

For underwater photography, you will use flash. This is something that you cannot do without. You should always have at least two flashes available when you plan on doing any sort of underwater shot. One is the standard flash, and one is an “electric” flash. The “electric” flash works best for the purpose of showing movement underneath the water. It is also very helpful at times if the lighting can be a little erratic, because it helps show the true motion of the subject under the water.

As you can see, there are a lot of different steps that need to be followed when you plan on doing girl underwater photography. The more prepared you are, the better the results will be. Just make sure that you have all of your gear set up and prepared, before you even try. You will never regret having taken the time to learn how to do girl underwater pictures.

In The End

If you follow the steps listed above, you are sure to make a great underwater photo shoot. There are many other tips that you should study as well. In fact, once you master all of the tips and tricks, you may be able to do girl underwater photography on your own. The only thing that will make it easier is if you have already learned everything you need to know about the underwater world.

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