Best Camera for Underwater Ocean Photography -

Best Camera for Underwater Ocean Photography

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If  you are planning to dive into the depths of the ocean, then you should capture the moments with a good underwater ocean photography camera. Here are some of the best ones.

Nikon Coolpix W300

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You get 30m waterproofing with this camera. It is an excellent gadget for deep divers and underwater photographers. This camera is a bit expensive and you do not have raw shooting feature. This digital camera has a barometer that offers underwater data like altitude and depth, so that you know exactly where you are recording. You also get an electronic compass with this one. The Bluetooth pairs really well and you can also pair this one iwht Nikon’s SnapBridge technology that helps you to transfer images faster. There is a 4K video addition in this toolkit that offers a shock proofing of 2.4 m. 

Panasonic FT30

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This waterproof FT 30 camera will give the best videos and stills. It is also cheap on your pockets and you get a smart design as well. The camera comes with four color options and the lens is also quite narrow and has narrow max apertures. This smart digital camera does not come with mind-boggling specs, but you can expect some good ones at a reasonable price. The camera is also slim and fits easily in your pockets. You also get a wrist strap add-on with this one that ensures its does not float away. You can easily hold it well as it is a waterproof camera. It will record your underwater ocean adventure quite well and give you the best clicks and captures. 

Olympus Tough TG-6

This one is a tough camera and it does not get rusty at all. There is a good reputation of this one as well. The specs are good and it is easy to handle in tough conditions. You get impressive images and great video quality. There is a raw shooting feature, 4-K capable TG-6 and some other great features as well. There is also a 25-100 optical zoom that helps you get closer to action. The LCD resolution and underwater microscope click great underwater pics even if it is dark. The chunky handgrip provides a secure hold on your camera. The internal zoom mechanism ensures that the zoom never protrudes and protects it form bumps and dents. It is a sophisticated camera and the very best currently.

Ricoh WG-60

This camera is one of the toughest ones with some impressive features and an affordable price. This one has a decent zoom range and built-in ring lights. The camera comes with ring lights around the lens that work as torch and a macro light. It allows you to see your actions underwater as well as everything else that is illuminated. The microscope mode in this camera let you focus at really close distances. The handheld night snap captures many images of low-light quickly one after the other. It easily blends them to create blur-free images. The camera can stay submerged in 14 metres of water for 2 hours. 

These are some of the best waterproof cameras you can consider buying for your underwater or deep diving adventures.

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