Animal Faces Photography – A Beginners Guide

A close up of an animal

Animal faces photography has become increasingly popular with clients from all over the world. One reason for this is that they are able to capture the emotions of these exotic creatures in a way which only the animals can do. Animals are also easier to work with than humans and the results are also often very striking. The faces you see in your photographs are those that have been pre-posed but you can also add in a few post-posed elements. Some of the most popular animal faces are that of dogs, cats, bears and dragons.

Main Tips 

A lion looking at the camera

When selecting the best animal face for your photograph, you will first need to decide on what skin tone or coloring you would like to use for your model. Depending on the particular animal you are photographing, you may be able to choose the appropriate color. For example, if you were photographing a dog then you could try a brown skinned model, whereas if you were photographing a dragon then a red skinned model would probably do the trick. If you are not sure as to what color you want to use then ask your professional photographers as they may be able to give you a few suggestions to get you started.

Next you will need to select a background that suits the photograph and which will also match the facial expression that you wish to photograph. This will ensure that your photos turn out to be what you desire them to be. Once you have the perfect background then you can begin to take your photo selections. It is important to remember that in order to get the best facial expression in your photo, you should try to keep your background as consistent as possible.

Ways Of Photographs

A cat sitting on top of a leopard

There are various ways that you can change the background of your photograph in order to alter the facial expression that is captured. Some of the methods that you can try include renaming the object, positioning it, or even moving it slightly. In general, you want to try and make the facial expression of the animal as natural as possible. If you are taking a photo of a wild animal then you should probably not use the typical poses found in most photographs.

In order to get the best facial expression from your animal face photo then you should take the photo when the animal is calm and relaxed. If the animal is not looking happy or tense, then the photograph will most likely not come out as you would desire. Try taking a photograph of an animal that is slightly calmer in a situation where they are more willing to pose for you. If you are taking a photograph of a shy animal, then do not expect to get the best facial expression as they will usually look tense and anxious in the photograph.

Things To Consider

If you find that you are unable to capture the perfect facial expression from each animal then you should look at the lighting in the photograph. If the lighting is poor then the expressions on the animal face will come out distorted. You should also consider the background of the photo. If the background is cloudy then your facial expressions will not come out as they should. Try to avoid the background being too dark as this can affect the accuracy of the photo.

To make sure that you get the best facial expression in the photo, you should spend a lot of time planning the photo. You should make sure that you have the right background, the right lighting and the perfect expressions in mind. If you don’t plan the photo then you will be unlikely to capture what you are aiming for in the photograph. If you are unable to take a photo of an animal that you would like to look its best then you may need to hire a professional photo shoot to get the job done. There are many companies that will take photos of your choice. You should look through their catalogues and choose one that best suits your requirements.


There are many companies that will offer different services to those who wish to have their faces photographed. For example if you are wanting an animal face photograph for a brochure then you may need to have the animal face printed onto a coloured background. Most companies will be able to provide this service, but it may be worth paying a little extra to have this done. The results will be worth the extra bit as the finished photograph will have a much more lifelike animal face and will be more appealing to the eye.

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