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All About Lifestyle Newborn Photography

lifestyle newborn photography

One of the most popular types of newborn and infant photography is Crib photography. This is a great way to capture a baby at its earliest stages in life. This is often one of the most memorable photographs to take during an at-home lifestyle newborn photography session. It instantly shows just how little the newborn is. It is also a very simple shot to repeat during landmark sessions when you provide baby daily routines throughout the first few months.

Steps: Lifestyle Newborn Photography

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The first step in any lifestyle newborn photography shoot should be the nursery or master bedroom. The room is where your newborn will spend the majority of its time sleeping, resting, and eating. Using these three spaces to play with your newborn’s toys, place your baby back in his cradle and give him a feeding chair, play mat, or simply a blanket to lie on.

During your lifestyle newborn photography session, try to have at least two different shots of your baby sleeping. Having two different angles makes it easier to give both close-up and long-distance shots. If possible, try not to move your baby during the photo session, but instead have someone else there that is stable and can keep the baby still while you take the required shots.

Before you even get to the daycare center, it is best to have at least three shots of your newborn. The more you have of the baby, the more unique shots you can come up with. The best place for your lifestyle newborn photography is in front of a fan or lamp of some sort. Make sure you have at least one prop that can serve as a prop for the shots you are taking. Baby blankets, stuffed animals, socks, bottles are some of the most common props used for baby shots.


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Some photographers go out of their way to set up a light and sound system in the room so that you can have as many opportunities to take the shots as you want. There should also be at least two sets of batteries for the camera you will be using. Another thing to consider is to have a steady person to stand on the edge of the crib so that the Mom and Dad can have easy access to the infant. If you have any family members that are going to be at the baby shower, you might as well let them know about the upcoming session so they can prepare themselves. You should always remember that a professional photographer will have all the necessary props to make your lifestyle newborn photography shoot a success.

When you go to the daycare center for your session, you will have to sign an agreement with the staff. This agreement should include all information about the session, including the time and date of the session and fees. The agreement should also state that you are responsible for any damages or accidents that may happen during the session and that you will get the full amount of money if there is damage to your stuff. In most cases, the lifestyle newborn photography company will take care of all of these things for you.

Things To Consider

There are a lot of great advantages for you to consider when you book the lifestyle newborn photography sessions. For one thing, it gives you and your spouse a perfect chance to spend quality time with each other and to bond with your siblings. Your kids will feel important since their photos will be taken by someone who knows exactly how they should act or what they should look like. You and your spouse will be able to share your precious time together. You should also remember that professional photographers will have their own lighting system set up so you can count on having beautiful natural light during your session.

Final Words

If you plan to do the sessions at home, make sure you set everything up beforehand. This means you should have a comfortable chair, music, food, etc. Before the actual session, you should already determine the background and the props you want to use. These are just some of the things you need to know about lifestyle newborn photography.

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