7 Tips To Improve and Creative Still Life Photography Skills

7 Tips To Improve Photography Skills

Seven tips to improve and creativity still life photography skills

Photography is an excellent way to express your creativity through the lens of the camera. It is a form of art that has evolved over the years. If you dig deep, you will be able to realize the gradual changes in photographic trends. But still life photography is one of the most challenging forms of this art. In this, the photographer tries to bring out the beauty of inanimate objects. Many photographers prefer this genre as they have control over subject arrangement and lighting. Food, flower, and other lifeless objects are ideal subjects for this form of art. Just because you can exercise control over some of the aspects, it does not mean this is easy. Here are some tips which will help you to improve your still inanimate photography skills.

7 Tips To Improve Your Still Life Photography Skills

Selection of the subject

As you have to work with inanimate objects, the subject selection is very crucial. Look around you to spot interesting topics. If you are a novice in still life photography genre, then start with simple items. It is mandatory that the photographer can find beauty in otherwise everyday items. When any interesting article catches your attention, take it home. Plan your shot around that item to create something extraordinary from a simple object.

Pay attention to lighting

Still life photography is an indoor art form. It gives photographers the freedom to play with lighting. Expensive lighting setups will not guarantee a fantastic snap. Use the lights creatively, and create shadows to bring necessary depth in the photograph. Make sure that the main subject gets enough light. Failure to do this will mar the beauty of the snap.

7 Tips To Improve Your Still Life Photography Skills

Try different angles and use tripods

A basic idea about angles is essential if you desire to make a name in this sector. Take pictures from every angle to identify the best viewpoint. A steady hand will help you to take a sharp image. If your hand still shakes, then a tripod will come to your rescue. Mounting the camera on the tripod will allow you to move the camera in all possible directions.

Pick a befitting background

The background selection plays a pivotal part in inanimate photography. Opting for simple backdrops will not overshadow the main subject. Pick a background that is in stark contrast with the main subject. When shooting smaller items, you need not ponder about the background surface too much.

Focus on shot composition

Experts opine that shot composition is of utmost importance for still life photography. Keep the guidelines of photography is mind to create an exciting and compelling frame. Avoid too many elements in one frame, or it will clutter the snap.

7 Tips To Improve Your Still Life Photography Skills

Acquire inspiration

It is common for photographers to run out of ideas. If you feel the same, then don’t feel blue. Going through the works of famous photographers will inspire you. You can collect tips, and combine these in a single frame, or try different combinations.

Edit the snaps properly

Once you are happy with the photograph, it is time to edit it. Improper editing will reduce the beauty of the snap. Photo-editing software is available in the market, Photoshop being the most preferred tool. The use of the virtual tools will enhance the enigma, and breathe life in the lifeless snap.

Practicing is the only way to identify your flaws. Try new ideas, camera angles, lighting setups, and play with unique backgrounds. With every experiment, you will learn something new. An expert photographer will search for every opportune moment to take a good snap.

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