Famous Photographers From US

6 Famous Photographers From The United States

One thing that I simply love about modern times is that it is easier to get hold of good photographers. You can do this by simply searching the Internet. I am fond of exploring photographers that I have not heard of earlier. One source of inspiration that I think beneficial for me is having a look at the work of some famous photographers.

I am quite aware that it is not just me who wants to know the work of photographers from the last century. So, I thought that it might make an interesting query to ask who actually is your favorite popular photographer?

6 Famous Photographers From The United States
6 Famous Photographers From The United States

Ansel Adams?

Steve McCurry?

Galen Rowell?

Cindy Sherman?

Richard Avedon?

Joe Rosenthal?

The list goes on and on. Some photographers whose images still have a major influence on our lives are as follows:

Ansell Adams

He is probably a very well-recognized name in the field of photography. Moreover, he is popular for his stunning landscapes. He accomplished an unmatched contrast level by making use of creative darkroom work. Go through the thoughts that he has shared on photography if you are looking to improve your own pictures and photography skills.

Steve McCurry

He is a highly respected and successful living photographer from the United States of America. He did his graduation in photojournalism. And from the year 1978, he started doing visual potentials of India. This entire journey proved to be a pivotal experience for him. The diverse and inspiring activities, lives, and colors, prolonged his six-week tour into an adventure of two years. Since then, he is known as a skilled photographer across the world.

Galen Rowell

This photographer was highly excited by nature and mountainous landscapes on a very wide scale. He dealt in colors. So, the majority of his images make use of striking evening or dawn light for emphasizing the intensity of colors in mountainous landscapes. At the mere age of 62, Rowell was killed tragically in an airplane crash.

6 Famous Photographers From The United States

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is a photographer known as an influential and popular artist in the field of contemporary art. The majority of her pictures are her own, but they are in no way self-portraits.

Richard Avedon

He was the pioneer of fashion photography. Richard produced a massive range of work that basically reflected and even influenced popular culture throughout the 20th century. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that he is a well-known photographer of all time.

Joe Rosenthal

This photographer from the United States has been successful in winning a Pulitzer for his popular Iwo Jima flag-raising picture that he produced in the year 1945. This is a Great War photograph. The picture not only represents military achievement, but also collaborative success and endeavor.

Hence, if you are on the lookout of taking truly moving and memorable photographs, then try learning good photography skills. You can do it by going through the pictures of the above-mentioned famous photographers.

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