5 Tips For Nature Photography Lighting

nature photography lighting

Lighting plays an important role in amazing photography. In fact the word photography has its origin rooted in the Greek which means drawing with light. Not just it creates mood and atmosphere but also gives an idea of the emotion behind the picture. Therefore it is necessary to master the skill of adjusting lighting for your picture.  In the case of natural lighting you just need to depend on nature as the light source i.e. the sun and moon .In reality some practice with basic focusing techniques can add the best hue to your picture with the perfect lighting.

Position however is the key to perfect lighting. You could opt for a flat image with light source positioned towards the object or a take your light source or object sideways to get the all time favorite shadow effect while light behind the object  will give you a silhouetted image. But yes, in case of nature photography, one needs to take the effort to get skilled in positioning the object as the light source remains fixed.  Here are a few tips that can help you master amazing lighting for the perfect picture. 

Wait Until Last Light For a Breathtaking Sky

Best time to capture nature is during the Golden hours, just after sunrise and just before sunset. The sun adds a beautiful golden hue to your pictures at this time.And this “last light” makes for truly breathtaking nature photography shots. While it may take some time to master this skill, it surely will help you get great pictures.

Photograph In Inclement Weather For Moody Images

Dark, Cloudy or bad weather lighting is also as wonderful as golden light photography. This type of lighting seems questionable but results in wonderful pictures. Bad weather creates a mood, atmosphere and drama. It creates a sense of emotions all of us can connect to.

Use The Broken Backlighting Technique

Wondering what it means? Well all you need to do is focus on your object while trying to get a blurred background for the picture. It creates a feeling of creamy and smooth texture on the background of your image while giving you a wonderful background.

Find backlit subjects for stunning silhouettes

While backlighting can add a lot of drama to your picture, it does cost you the colour intensity as your image comes dark. However with a little adjustment with the exposure, you can achieve both an amazing foreground and background image.

Use Dreary Clouds For Beautiful Intentional Camera Movement Photos

You can experiment your photography skills while the clouds play around changing the mood from dark cloudy days to a peek-a-boo with the sun and moon. 

Further exploring your camera settings can work wonders in your picture. The wide range of editing options creates an extra element of interest and depth in the picture. You can have the best pictures that convey your message or freeze special moments in a frame. So get going to capture the best pictures!!

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